Royalty Has Arrived!

With the royal wedding blooming across the UK, everyone was in high hopes throughout the Devon County Show. We went to the Watering Hole to watch as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot.   Arriving promptly, it seemed we weren’t the only eager ones to watch the wedding of the year. The tent was full of positive energy from... Continue Reading →


Food Glorious Food

The Devon County show is known for all things local, especially food. In every direction I walked there were all sorts of food and drink and I hadn’t even ventured into the main food hall. Each one was hounded with hungry locals and tourists alike, eager to get a taste of the local produce on... Continue Reading →

Anthony Gibson: We need to know more on the government’s post-Brexit trade plan

The southwest’s former NFU regional director Anthony Gibson claims the government is making slow progress in negotiating a good Brexit deal for farmers. “At the moment it seems all the important negotiations are going on within the cabinet, rather than between the UK government and the EU.” “This means we are still in limbo in... Continue Reading →

Panda Exclusive from mainland China!

From Sophie Whiting, in Panda Valley, Dulyangyan, China. Sophie is one of the original members of the All Points West reporting team and currently working on an education project in the far east. Chengdu is the home to giant panda’s and they have a research base dedicated to the lives of pandas. One will often... Continue Reading →

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