7 Weird Things You Can See at the Devon County Show

Devon County Show is the South West’s annual highlight, with an array of fun activities. From dog shows to digger simulators, there’s just about something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the wackiest features from this year.


1. Crazy Creatures

Devon County Show is the place to find the finest furry friends. That includes the fluffiest alpacas you’ve ever feasted your eyes upon.


2. A Fantastic Stripy Jacket

Nothing boosts the Devon County spirit more than this guy’s stripy blazer.


3. Big Eared Bunnies

Check out the size of these ears. Devon County Show has the best collection of pedigree rabbits going.


4. Welly Up

You’ve heard of puss in boots, but what about ducks? Grab yourself one of these for £10 each at this year’s event.


5. Get Stuck In

Exmoor zoo has brought an array of insects to their stall, from stick insects to praying mantises. With all of these local to England, Exmoor zoo aims to encourage us to explore the outdoors.


6. Funky Furniture

This is a wheeley good idea for a bench.


7. Destination: Nowhere

Fancy a drink? Finish the day with a refreshing beverage at Woodsy’s cider bus.


Written by Juliet Sawyer.

Photography by Lauren Sawyer.



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