Elderflower Cordial Fresh From the Field 


The ShuteFruit stall is again present in the food and drink pavilion, and for this year’s show they’ve developed a unique twist.

ShuteFruit’s farm, based at Bishopsteignton near Teignmouth, include an ultra-fresh ‘pick your own’ policy where customers can pick their ingredients and watch produce being made before purchase.

For the 2017 Devon County Show, they’re offering some delicious Elderflower Cordial.

Co-owner Lori Reich, speaking at her stall, said:

“We’ve been coming to the County Show for about fifteen years now.”

“We usually sell out of the elderflower cordial by the end of the show, it’s the most popular product.”

“My husband is currently out picking elderflower, which we will produce freshly into this refreshing cordial during the show.”

“We’re actually just reaching the start of the new elderflower season.”

“It has to be watered down because of the strong taste, but even when diluted it’s a refreshing taste.”

“You can put a splash of cordial into a gin and tonic which is really nice.”

“Or you can use it for an elderflower drizzle cake – you don’t need any squeezing like with lemon or orange, it just comes straight from the bottle.”

“And we’ve got lots of other secret recipes including the Elderflower Sorbet, the Devon Spritzer and using the cordial as a salad dressing.”

Written by Rob Jennings.

Photograph by Nicky Woods.


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