Panda Exclusive from mainland China!

From Sophie Whiting, in Panda Valley, Dulyangyan, China.

Sophie is one of the original members of the All Points West reporting team and currently working on an education project in the far east.

Chengdu is the home to giant panda’s and they have a research base dedicated to the lives of pandas. One will often say if you don’t see panda’s, did you even visit China?!

The research base is formed up of giant pandas and red pandas which are both adorable as each other. The grounds are big and open which allows plenty of space for the panda’s to roam freely amongst the park. It’s great for both the panda’s to have so much space and people to see the a once endangered species.

Within the research base there are two delivery houses which have had brilliant success in the past few months. The pandas have recently given birth to baby pandas which are now a few months old. They are open to see and are very cute! The delivery house was closed due to give privacy to the pregnant panda.

Chengdu has recently set up Panda Valley in Dujiangyan, a field centre that trains pandas to live in the wild. Covering an area of 328.6 acres, the field centre boasts brooks and woods, as well as many kinds of bamboos that can be food for pandas. At the end of 2016, the base was home to 176 pandas, the largest population of captive pandas in the world.

In a bid to keep survival of giant panda’s, the local government are starting to build a giant panda national park on Longmen Mountain which will cover 399,300 acres. In turn, this will provide habitat to 73 wild giant pandas.


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